A day spa at sea!!

Let’s just say last week my Sunday morning was a little different!!

At 9:45am, Sunday the 15th May, me and a group of 6 boarded Celebrity Solstice while she was in port here in Auckland.

Once through security we were free for 30 minutes to have a quick tour of the beautiful ship!!  I tried to capture some nice photos but as you can imagine I was too excited and kept forgetting haha

After the tour we were then treated to the world-renowned Canyon Ranch Spa!!  We were welcomed with champagne on arrival and then paired with a loving staff member.  Once we had been allocated our own rooms we were each given a 30 minute back massage (simply heaven) and then a 30 minute facial.  I was close to falling asleep during the face massage as it was simply just divine.

The relaxing doesn’t stop there, we were then treated to lunch!  It was the most glorious way to spend a Sunday and I haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Highlights of the day included…

Meeting new friends and catching up with old.

The tour of the ship was fun; they have their own library on their which as you can see looks like something out of Harry Potter.

There was so much art on the ship!!  Instillations, sculptures and a whole room painted black with beautiful flowers painted on the walls.

Discovering they have Tiffany & Co on board!

The champagne (naturally)

The massage and facial

And the most amazing seat I have ever sat on!!  This solid, tile lounger was heated!!!  It gives you that same sensation you get when you first get into a spa pool, except I was bone dry and not embarrassed for having to be in togs.

The lunch was of course sensational, we ate so much we nearly popped.  The wine (which I ended up having 3 glasses of) was an amazing sweet Riesling from Germany!  After three glasses of course I then proceeded to let everyone know at the table that I will now be going to Germany!

In all seriousness what a lovely, lovely adventure!!

A big thank you to everyone on board Celebrity Solstice and of course the team at Dock Street Group for organising it.

Talk soon

Erin x


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