6 Deisgn features that will blow your mind!

The slit in the metal stub on the end of tape measures is so you can slip it over a nail and then you don’t need an extra hand! 2. The groove in the bottom of tea cups is so […]

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7 things you needed to see today….

A bus that solves boring bus rides! 2. Restrooms with lights to tell you when toliets are available 3. Schools that install scooter parks. 4. Wireless electric re-charging lanes for cars! 5. Soft barriers in car parks so you don’t […]

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Geometric Art Wall in the home

This started as a bordem buster idea for Lockdown Level 4 but I actually ended up having heaps of fun and really like the results and now I’m thinking we should paint the whole house! For those of you who […]

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Pizza delivery in Level 4 Lockdown.

Even better as this pizza company understands no ones perfect. AD: Level 4 is tough when it comes to take aways, no one is denying that, but there is one company that can come to our rescue! @perfectlyimperfectpizzanz is an […]

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Mushroom lentil burger for the win!

Today I wanted to show you how to make a quick and easy plant-based recipe to supercharge your mood by using simple, affordable plant-based ingredients. Join me in my kitchen, as I show you exactly how to make a mouth watering […]

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Make a Big Mac and Fries at home during Covid-19 Lockdown

Hey Team  Well aren’t we all nailing our no takeaway diets!!!  If your husband, yourself or any family member is like mine and missing their favourite burger, I have figured out how to make it at home from simple ingrediants […]

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