Colour Trend: Green is the Most Popular Hue for 2017

The colour green represents so many things: health, wealth, nature and the great outdoors. It is a symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Last year’s colour of the year was Rose Quartz, another colour found in nature albeit quite different from green. Perhaps these colours, with their parallels to nature, are a sign of where our minds are at the moment: focussed on the environment, conservation and the outside world.

When it comes to interiors and homewares, green has always been in and out of the limelight. This year however, green looks set to be the top colour trend, with interior designer to the stars (including Kendall Jenner) Martyn Lawrence-Bullard confirming: “Green is strong again”.


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From rich emerald tones to bright lime green and moody forest shades, you can expect to see the many shades of this colour splashed through interiors, from throws, cushions and soft furnishings to wallpaper and kitchen tiles. Best of all, the fact that green is back on trend means we can bring the outside in, with indoor plants and the so-called ‘urban jungle’ look being HUGE so far this year.

The thought of decorating with dark moody colours or bright electric hues can be a scary thought, particularly if you haven’t experimented with them before. If you’re looking to inject some green into your interior, read on, and I’ll show you the best ways to incorporate 2017’s favourite colour into your home.

Choosing the Right Shade of Green

When you think of the colour green, what comes to mind? I’ll bet it’s different for everyone. While the trees and grass of nature might spring to mind for some people, others immediately think of wealth, money and opulence. The colour green itself can be anything from the yellow-y autumnal tone seen on our trees in April, to the deep, exotic sparkle of an emerald.

With so many different shades at your disposal, how are you supposed to select the right one for your home? Well, the first thing to do is take stock of the colours already in your home. Do you have lots of earthy, neutral tones throughout your decor? Or brighter colours such as pink, blue and yellow?

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Thankfully, different shades of green go with all of these colours. For example, a rich emerald green throw or some palm print cushions would bring life to a grey or dark blue couch or bedspread. A jade green splashback in an otherwise white kitchen makes for an interesting pop of colour where you wouldn’t usually expect it. Forest green works well with oatmeal or beige furnishings. Tropical greens are perfect with bright pink or coral. 

How to Use Green in Your Home

Once you’ve looked at the colours already in your home, it’s time to think about how you might like to incorporate green into your current colour palette. Are you looking for a big change or just something small to compliment your existing interior?

In an otherwise white-walled interior, a feature wall in patterned green wallpaper can make for a jaw dropping entrance way or bathroom. An emerald green velvet sofa is the ultimate in comfortable opulence and will add a certain richness to an already dark interior. As long as you have lots of natural light coming into your home, don’t worry too much about grouping dark furnishings together – it can create a cosy, warm space.

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Not ready to fully commit to an overload of green in your home? Adding green artwork, homewares or kitchenware means you can really go as bright or as dark as you’d like. If your decor and furnishings are mostly neutral or white then why not add a bright pop of lime green in the form of a clock, vase or candle?
Perhaps an
abstract print in a yellow-green tone is what a plain white bedroom wall needs? Green glasses paired with white plates and candles can make a table setting pop.

Natural Greenery

Of course, the best and most natural way to inject some green colour into your home is by bringing in the outdoors!

House plants of all shapes and sizes are available in a range of green tones and are a fantastic way to breathe life into indoor spaces. They not only look great but have many environmental benefits too. Indoor plants help increase humidity and reduce levels of carbon dioxide, and can even help lower the air temperature.

Indoor plants which climb or hang are hugely on trend right now and can liven up almost any space in your home. An easy way to bring plant life into your place is to style a bookshelf with not only books but ornaments and small pot plants too. Larger plants are a great way to fill a corner or empty space. For something a bit different,; bring greenery to your bathroom with plants of varying sizes placed either on the windowsill or next to the sink – or even in the shower (yes, it’s a thing!)

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Natural greens look good in any home, regardless of its interior style. If you’re keen to keep your furnishings and walls neutral or white, plants are a great way to inject some colour throughout without being too much of a statement or change to your existing decor.

Get Green!

Don’t be afraid to bring life and fun into your home with a splash of green. There are so many easy ways to incorporate any shade of green into your decor without it being too bold or scary. And everyone should be trying to bring the outside in with pot plants and natural greenery!

Green is good for nature and good for you! I’d love to know how you’ve managed to inject a splash of green into your home. 


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