Erin’s Opinion: How to Always Look Cool at a Party

I have always been the girl who was last to know the latest trends or last to see all the cool movies but now the proof is in the pudding: it’s all about faking it! 

That’s all there is to it! Just fake that you actually know what is going on! For example: 

Whenever I go to a party and I don’t know anyone I get really nervous about turning up on my own. This is kinda geeky BUT to save myself from humiliation I just turn up and head straight to the kitchen, grab out two cups and pour two drinks! Then I take those two drinks and walk around the party as if searching for my fellow friend. 

I continue to do this until I have found at least one person to talk to. This works in my favour for two great reasons:

1) People never look at me as if I’m the loner who turned up with no mates

2) Even if I find someone before I’ve even finished pouring the drinks, I just offer one to them and this makes me look generous, helpful and good! 

Try this at the next party you go to – I promise you, it never fails! 

Love, Erin x


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