Erin’s Opinion: How to Stay Cool, Calm & Collected on a Date

Dating can be nerve-racking at the best of times! Let alone in this day and age when everyone is meeting online and going on blind dates. It can be scary stuff!

In my opinion on these occasions it is best to keep calm.


  • When eating out (by the way – find a restaurant that’s not too flashy – you don’t want to set the bar too high on the first date) always try and sound like you know what the different dishes are. Ordering something in the language of the cuisine is always truly impressive and will sky rocket your street cred.
  • Show that you are grateful your date has chosen to spend an evening with you by leaving your cell phone at home or in the car when you go inside.
  • Order water as your drink – it’s totally Hollywood, not to mention considerate.
  • There’s nothing wrong with someone eating in front of you, it’s more about just being in their company. If in doubt, eat the ice in your glass!

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  • Order a second pudding! Enjoying your meal is one thing, over-indulging isn’t good for anyone
  • Never send food back for a second time. I don’t care if they bring out a plate of bird poo – you eat it!
  • Don’t split the bill according to exactly who ate and drank what. Stay casual about it.
  • Never play with your phone. Instead, be different from everyone else and don’t even worry about your phone. Have it on silent and leave all of your messages and notifications until after the date (you’ll be lying awake thinking for ages anyway – do the texting and emailing then!)
  • Keep in mind to never bring up the following: your (or their) ‘ex’; how many children you would like to have; when the next date is going to be; the fact that it took you 3 days, 8 hours and 24 minutes to figure out what to wear for the evening; or announce that you already know what you are going to get them for their birthday and this Christmas!!!!

I know, even though we have all done (or are thinking): “all of the above”, pretend that you’re not. Once you do that you will have mastered the art of dating! Listen to me: at the end of the day just remember neediness is not cool.

If they are out with you, this means they like you – you are in control, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy it!

Have fun!

Love, Erin x


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