Feng Shui your house for 2018

So Feng Shui means “wind and water” in Chinese and is a Chinese system of luck.  It is also the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.

I figured with this being the first blog back for the year this is the perfect time to make a fresh start, starting with a DIY feng shui!  Out with the old, in with the new!

I’ve done a bit of research and come up with some really basic things we can all do to create a better energy in our homes.

First things first

Put energy into your entrance at home!

An inviting entrance will draw energy (this is the chi) into the home.  If you want people to bring great energy into the home give the entrance some loving For example good lighting, a really cool door mat in fact maybe your current one simply needs a wash and then a favourite statue or planter pot to accessorize.

On a side note, I have read that if you hang 3 Chinese coins with Red Ribbon inside your front door this attracts money but I’ll leave that one up to personal judgment

Secondly, cleanse and energize the home.

Start the year on a fresh note but creating a great energy.  Throw open the doors, the windows, let the fresh air in.  Light a scented candle as candles are for lifting the mood and put on your favourite play list as sound is known as a ‘space cleanser’

Feng Shui changes from year to year, it’s energy shifts, 2018 you will find the luckiest energy in the south west areas of the home so the best thing to do is have some good lighting and place flowers in those areas

Other things to keep in mind in areas of the house, with the bedrooms, make sure the foot of the bed is always pointing towards the door, when lying in the bed you want all your tired energy to be flowing out the door, not stuck in there with you and to improve your love life (if needed) display candles in pairs or hang romantic images in pairs also

In my room I have a carving of two tress by my good friend Hannah Jensen.  My man liked it even before I mentioned it to him that they are two trees in love.

In the bathroom, add colours through crystals, art work or photos.  Create a luxurious, spa like feel by using petals when you have a bath, or sea salt scrubs. And keep the space clean and clutter free!

And I’m sorry men but always keep the toilet seat down!! 2 reasons it’s the money area so having a toilet seat up is like letting your money go down the drain.  And also a bowl that size is like the biggest leakage of energy. So team, seats down!

Last but not least, this is a big one

De clutter!!

Clutter traps you in the past, how can you attract new people and new opportunities into your life if you have so much going on already, having clutter is like having barriers.  Simply think ‘do I need this?’ ‘do I use this?’ ‘would someone else benefit from this more and in that case should I pass it on?

Then if your still not sure, especially when it comes to the little nick knacky things, put then in a box and if in a years time you still haven’t open that box or needed anything from it then ‘it’s time’!

This is my lounge, it doesn’t look like much but I prefer to full it with friends and family, food and drink, as apposed to ‘stuff’

In conclusion if you are looking for better energy in the house but you don’t agree with any of what I’ve said the best thing to do is keep everything clean and tidy.

It’s not possible to find good energy without cleanliness and order.

Until next time

Erin x


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