Geometric Art Wall in the home

This started as a bordem buster idea for Lockdown Level 4 but I actually ended up having heaps of fun and really like the results and now I’m thinking we should paint the whole house!

For those of you who have been asking some of the steps along the way to pulling it off I have listed them below.

It is a fun easy way to re-invent an area in the house (large or small) and the result has a massive visual appeal. I hope these steps inspire you to give it a go also. P.S I chose a small wall for now as I only have a small supply of paint on me and can’t get to the stores. When I can I will get more and do a bigger wall!


Check that this wall is clean, free of any debris and if the wall needs and under coat or priming. Mark out the shapes with painting tape on your chosen accent wall and put a drop cloth down to protect the carpet (I forgot to do this). Basically the lines can go anywhere and in any direction. This was a fun, creative part of the process for me. Note: Make sure your tape is flat against the wall so theres no gaps for paint to get under.


Pick you paint colours. I made a mini little diagram of the shapes I had created for the wall on paper and practised there first. Note: If your using a few different colourways (like me), it’s always best to use the darker colours lower to the ground and move up to the lighter ones. This is so that your eye goes on a journey and travels up the wall.


Start painting! In a way it’s a fast process as each area is rather small. Let each area dry before applying a second coat and again a third if you think it needs it.


Once the final coat is still drying clearfully and slowly remove the tape and if you can at a 45 degree angle, this will help the paint chipping or pulling off in the wrong places and leave clear cut lines.


Take a smaller brush and touch up any spots that need it and you are done!

Below I have added a video of the whole process to show you and I really hope you give it ago, and once you do send me through some pictures, I would love to see them!

Erin x


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