Hair This! My Guide to Perfect Hair

Today I want to talk about all things hair: natural hair, hair extensions and choosing the perfect hairdresser. Let’s start with me and my hair:

This is my natural hair colour

This is my current hair colour

And these are all of the crazy things that have happened to it in between!

No wonder that when I tell my hair to “please be awesome today!” it says NO!

People often ask me: “Why don’t you just grow your hair out??” I could reply: “Well it once was long, but then one particular show said they would only take me if it was short …. so I cut it! Then another show said they would only take me it I was blonde …. and then another only if I had longer hair! So I got extensions! Now my hair is so confused it has just shut up shop and stopped growing!!” But instead I just say: “Coz I don’t really care …. and what’s wrong with what I’ve got?!”

Over the years I have learnt it’s not how you look anyway, it’s how you relate to people. I have had soooooo many different variations of haircuts, colours, up-dos, pull backs and plaits, and at the end of the day the only thing that has ever mattered was the chat coming out of my mouth!

Choosing the perfect hairdresser

Currently, I am very blessed to be treated to (in my opinion) the BEST hairdresser in the entire country – Emma from Vanilla Hair in the Waikato. You can find her, here.

Situated in a tranquil river setting off River Road, with no hustle or bustle whatsoever, Emma’s aim is for you to stop, relax and unwind with a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic drink), read the latest glossy fashion mags and enjoy easy dialogue. Pure bliss if you ask me!

But blah blah blah! That’s every salon’s offering isn’t it? Yet what Emma does on top of all of that, is perfect hair at good prices – Every. Single. Time. She is quick, she’s funny, she’s hot and she is mega talented at listening to what you want and simply doing what you’ve asked for…. AND she gives the best god damn head massages in the entire world (it’s the only thing that stops me talking)!

I tell everyone I know – and I’m telling you guys now – if you find a great hairdresser stick with them, travel however far it takes to get to them and don’t worry about it! Because there is nothing worse (and we all know this feeling) than paying exuberant amounts of money and walking out of the salon wanting to kick over every single rubbish bin on the way back to you car and scowling at every bad driver on the way home because NOTHING can possibly be your fault right now and it’s everyone else who is being useless.

My fail proof guide to hair extensions

The other ordeal I am currently contending with is: hair extensions!! Having personally tried every hair extension option on the market, I’m also very blessed to currently have fantastic clip-in extensions. I get these from Chic Hair Extensions. 

A makeover in just a few simple clicks! These extensions are made from high quality Remy human hair. These beautiful locks are highly versatile and can be curled, straightened, put into a bun or tied up into a playful ponytail. You can wear them and style them as you would your own natural hair. Soft and silky, these human hair extensions will boost your confidence by adding volume and length to your hair, making you look and feel feminine and chic all day long.

Again – blah blah blah say what you want, but all us girls with ‘short hair’ want is long, luscious, beautiful, sexy hair and we want it the easiest, fastest way!

Chic hair extensions do exactly that and to their credit they back up everything they say in their write-up. Their extensions are soft and silky and easy to work with – you simply clip in and go!

Currently I go between just putting a few side extensions in when I’m only having photos done and you don’t need to see the back of my hair. For events, I put them all in and no matter how bad my real hair is, the extensions over power it and I can get away with murder.

Often I add curls, as the look is more forgiving than straight and if you put a clip in the wrong place, people are less likely to see it. Then when I am working with a stylist or makeup artist I ask for straight every time – it’s hard work for them, but a treat for me! Haha!

If you haven’t had hair extensions before then these are the best type to get you started, as you can simply pick and choose when you want to have them in. Sometimes I go all week looking like a rag doll, before I put my extensions back in and people start talking to me again. If you have had them before (like me) Chic clip in hair extensions are still the best to use, as they are so lovely and easy to work with.


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