How to Decorate a Kid’s Bedroom

Kid’s rooms are usually the most fun to decorate! Creating a gorgeous sanctuary for your new baby or slightly older toddlers who are getting their first ‘big kid’ bedroom can be fulfilling and fun for the whole family.

Here are a few things to think about when creating a bedroom for the youngest members of your family:

Make it cosy

Moving into their own room can be daunting for a child at first. Fill his or her room with their favourite soft toys, teddy bears and blankets. These toys often provide comfort and company, making children more willing to stay in their own room.

Night lights and lamps also play a vital role in relieving anxiety in kids, when they have to spend the nights by themselves.

Colour it up!

Kid’s bedrooms are a different environment to adult’s bedroom. Painting or covering the walls with light colors such as pink, yellow, blue and green is always a great idea.

Make your kid’s rooms a place that they are familiar with, rather than a place where they might be frightened.

Space to play

There’s no need for too much furniture if your kids love to play in their rooms. Leave space for fort building, theatre and talent shows. Enough room must be left for kids to play games. Unlike older children who are able to play games outside, kids under 7 years old often just play on the bedroom ground.

Happy Walls!

Walls separate a kid’s bedroom from other rooms. Don’t let the walls go bare and look dull.


….. You can always flag the rules and go extreme like these rooms!!


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