How To: Decorate a Space Using Wall Tiles

Tiled surfaces are a timeless trend when it comes to decorating. 

Throughout history, wall tiles have been used across a variety of interiors and exteriors. We see them in Greek, Roman, Art Deco and Contemporary architecture: to tell a story by using mosaics or as a way of cooling a house built in hot environs. 

Decorating with wall tiles 

This trend is current, on point and works with a variety of interiors. 

One unique way of creating this look, is to use wall tiles to cover as much of the surface area as you possibly can. This can bring a beautiful, exotic, European look to just about any home. And don’t think for one second that it’s all about the traditional 10 x 10 inch tiles these days! 

Here, I’ll explain my favourite looks and how to achieve them using wall tiles:

My favourite Moroccan fish tiles are back and better than ever! These wall tiles are often deep blue or sea green in colour and when complemented by wood or brown coloured flooring they look amazing. Design wise, think of a running bond pattern when arranging these tiles. It’s basically just straight up and down, but using the fish’s tails to tie the pattern in together.

Create an Off Set wall of different mixed tiles for an eclectic, unfinished look. Pair this with exposed metal finishing e.g. stainless or brass pipes left ‘on show’ and unpainted. Or – the next big trend – paint pipes and fittings black for an industrial look that clashes with pretty tiles.

This is my personal favourite. Again, using Off Set, cover the wall with stainless metal mosaic tiles, then pair that with bronze pendant lights and an adjoining wall painted chalk-board black. 

Wall tiles as art 

If costs are an issue and you aren’t able to cover an entire space with wall tiles, please don’t be put off as there are still some awesome ways in which to do half a wall or simply just a section. 

Here are some options for tile wall art on a smaller scale:

As you probably know, marble is huge right now. By using smaller, oblong tiles in a marble print you can create a polished tiled area that only goes half way up one wall. It’s the pattern you use for this that really gives it such an effective look. Create an unkempt, jagged edge finish by alternating the height you stop the tiling.

Consider tiling from the ceiling down, but with small metallic or reflective tiles. Use the running bond technique but mix and match the length of each row so that it looks like excess paint running down the side of a paint can.

Quirky shapes
This one is tricky, because the tiles themselves may be difficult to source. These are thin, grey tiles that look almost like Popsicle sticks and range in size from small to medium and large. They may even be cut in half length ways. Start tiling with these from the bottom of the wall, working your way up and finishing with the tiles at all different heights and thicknesses.

Get tiling!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of tile shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Search Pinterest or blogs for inspiration that you love and make it your own. If you’re planning on doing a mixed up tile wall, start collecting tiles wherever you can – on overseas trips, from garage sales or in antique stores – the more variety to your tiles, the better! 


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