How to Decorate with Rugs

So many homes in New Zealand have wooden floors, which can make the winter months in particular just that little bit more chilly. A good way to combat cold feet is with a great rug. Whether it’s a large rug that takes up an entire floor or a long hallway runner, there’s a rug to suit every floor in almost any house!

I’ve put together some tips for choosing a great rug for your home.

How to choose the right material

When choosing a rug, the material is arguably the most important decision. Consider which textures best suit the space where you’ll be using the rug. For example, in a hallway durability may be at the top of the list. In a bedroom, you may value softness above everything else.

The three most popular fabrics for rugs are:

A sturdy pile repels water and stains and gives great heat insulation, not to mention it feels pleasant. Wool is a prime choice for high traffic areas, such as living rooms and hallways, or spill-prone spaces such as dining rooms. Wool tends to shed fuzz for a period of time. Wool rugs are not a smart choice for damp rooms because they soak up humidity.

Be aware that wool tends to shed fuzz for a period of time. Wool rugs are not a smart choice for damp rooms because they soak up humidity, which can make a space feel even damper.

This material is easy to clean, very durable and is generally fade – and stain – resistant. Synthetic fiber rugs are created to mimic the look of wool and high-quality fiber rugs, at a lower price-point. They make a brilliant choice for basements, laundry rooms and kid’s rooms. The downside is that synthetic rugs generally don’t have the same pleasant feel as natural fibers.

This popular fabric is strong and stable. It’s also a natural product, soft fiber, generally inexpensive. Often, cottong rugs are available in a smaller size so can be easily washed. This makes them good for kitchens, however cotton pile can sometimes become felted and tends to attracts dirt easily.

Other popular fabrics include silk, bamboo and even leather.

Where to put your rug

Rugs are suitable for almost any room – and I mean any room. Scroll through hoem decor inspiration on Pinterest and you’ll soon find rugs placed in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and even laundrys.

A large rug can make be a statement piece in your bedroom and a great way to place it is by having it half under your bed. Hint: this can make your room look bigger than it is.

If you have a long, cold hallway a runner rug can be a great addition. How about using an older more durable rug out on your patio in summer?! Throw some floor cushions down and add some wicker furniture for the perfect Morroccan-inspired retreat.

Colours and patterns

Lately, I’ve seen a real revival in ornate, Middle Eastern inspired rugs. These looks great in almost any interior space – even a really minimalist home. They are usually warmer colours such as burnt orange and rich burgundy, so they instantly warm up a room and create an opulent look.

If your room is white or beige in colour, a rich coloured rug can be a contrasting addition to this otherwise neutral environment. Geometric patterns add a luxe Art Deco vibe, particularly when paired with gold homewares and a richly coloured lounge suite.

Bedroom rugs

The perfect addition to almost any bedroom.

This ornate rug, placed half under the bed, makes a great addition to this room and contrasts nicely with the light coloured bed and dark feature wall.

Even a small fluffy rug at the end of the bed can make a cosy addition to a bedroom.

Hall rugs

The perfect way to warm up a space between rooms or in a long hallway with high foot traffic.

This Middle Easter inspired rug is the perfect contrast to these dark wood floors and white walls. It connects two rooms an instantly warms a negative space.

This light, patterned rug is great for this hallway which no doubt has high foot traffic leading to the front door. The pop of colour works well in the neutral interior.

Large rugs

A large room can sometimes feel ‘cool’ if there is too much negative space, or sterile if there is too much white or neutral colour tones. A rug can bring warmth and a cosy feeling to almost any large room.

Nothing screams ‘warmth’ like a massive, fluffy sheepskin rug! And New Zealand has plenty of great options in this department. How great is this neutral, all-white room and light wood floors?!

A contrast from the above, this bright patterned rug fills in the gap around a large L-shaped couch perfectly.

Geometric rugs

Bring a little Art Deco vibe into your home with a geometric print rug! There are so many Bohemian-inspired rugs on the market at the moment, do something a little different and add a few bold shapes and patterns instead.

Stair rugs

For the truly bold interior enthusiast, why not try a stair rug? This is a very bohemian, Spanish hacienda style look which works well if you have tired looking stairs in your home. Be warned though: tripping up may become a hazard…. and then there’s the cleaning!

Wow! Now that’s bold! This patterned carpet instantly brightens up an otherwise grey stair well.

This smaller scale stair rug might be an easier option to begin with….

Rug round up

There we have it! A great round up of rugs to get inspired by. Adding a rug to your home is an easy update to make – and can be inexpensive if you do your research! It’s the perfect option for renters who want to add a personal touch to their place without having to get a landlord’s approval for major changes.


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