K-Festival 2021

K-festival 2021, is the first and largest Korean Kiwi community event in New Zealand. A free to enter event, guests were able to come and taste the authentic South Korean flavours, learn about the South Korean culture and immerse themself in the K-pop beats starring the hottest New Zealand artists and Orchestra Auckland. It was also the world’s first XR Launch event right here in Aotearoa!

If you are not yet fimular with K-pop, K-pop is a genre of music from South Korea and the K-festival was a presentation of K-pop performances in two Acts. Act 1 being traditional sounds and local teams performing to K-pop, and Act 2, a collaboration of local artists, Orchestra Auckland and a K-pop dance challenge with DJ Karl. Act 2 was live-streamed to the world via XR Technology and happened to be hosted be ME!

It was hard to not get hungry at the K-festival simply by the incrediable smells coming from the food cart area! So many of our favourite Korean dishes like a hearty Korean BBQ, Korean street foods like ddukbokki, and the famous Korean Fried Chicken. It was like we were in Seoul yet we were right here in Auckland.

Performance wise, Act 2 was outstanding and it was a real honor to introduce each and everyone of our artists. Some of the stand outs for me personally would have to be Rina Chae, Jang Moon Young, Mel and Romes and the crowd pleasure Ineffa Lucas!!

I am so very grateful for being asked to be a part of New Zealands first ever K-Festival and I simply can’t wait to bring everyone together again next year! After all as the saying goes, “everything is better together”

Click through to the video for some BTS action.

See you soon

Erin x


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