Meet Meats!

We all know the importance of consuming the right amount of nutrients to help our bodies thrive and though I’m no medical expert I have learn’t that meat provides a great source of protein and a list of other nutrients our body importantly needs.

However, sourcing high-quality meat becomes a time-consuming chore when you don’t know what and who to trust. Thankfully Zac and I discovered a New Zealand owned meat company that specialises in providing the highest quality cuts of meat with the convenience of delivering right to your doorstep, saving you time and growing your trust.

So meet… meats! – “Meet Meats” is the name of the company that has recently made its appearance in the New Zealand market. Providing gourmet meats that you can order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered straight to your doorstep, talk about convenience! But it doesn’t end there! With packs and flavours to choose from, Meat Meets has options to suit your every needs! From marinanated options, starter packs and barbeque meat packs, you will be sure to find something you require.

Browse through their website, select the meats you desire and the team of skilled butchers at Meet Meats will prepare your order and deliver it straight to your door. The meat comes in a large chilled package specially designed to keep your meats fresh during the transaction period. It’s a great way to bring the gourmet cuts back into our diet.

Kiwis have loved barbecues for such a long time and if your ever like me, hosting a barbecue that screams a good time with delicious food and loved ones is always the type of atmosphere I aim to create. It makes me happy knowing I can spend more time with my family whilst Meet Meat takes the time out of my hands to deliver high-quality meat for myself and my family to enjoy, a truly good excuse to bring the family together.

Now heres the fun part, Zac and I recently got asked to be a part of their advertising campaign which required Zac applying his multi tasking skills. He had to cut, cook, slice, prepare, talk and smile, all whilst being on camera and I can confidently tell you that he did such an amazing job. I was one proud wife for sure but have a watch for yourself….

I next plan is for Zac and I to make a video together, it would be the next step in our Meet Meat journey as it gets very competitive and funny when we cook in the kitchen together.

What will you have for dinner? Take the time to explore their brand and let me know what you think of the meat range?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences,

Love Erin 

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