Our Camping Getaway

Let’s talk camping! If you have been following my recent blogs you’ll find that me and Zac are no strangers to traveling, it keeps our hearts warm and our minds curious about the world around us. Recently we had excitedly made a last-minute decision to take a step away from the hustle of life by going camping on the East Coast, ending up in Matata, a decision we never regretted.

We don’t have much camping gear but that’s where Hopara Campers come to the rescue. Located a few hours away from our destination, Hopara Campers provided us with a really cool teardrop camper which became the perfect camping solution for our needs, now let me tell you why…

Escaping for only two days, we wanted to spend more time enjoying our surroundings instead of setting up a tent and a sleeping area. We needed something small, yet highly functional for our sleeping and cooking needs so having a company that provided us with a camper built to our requirements was next-level awesome. We towed away the camper ourselves and set it up in our desired destination and the reason I have included that point is that a lot of companies that hire out campers won’t allow you to tow it yourselves but instead, they tow it to you with the expectations of you paying for their traveling fee which a lot of the times can become really expensive so being independent made our journey a lot less stressful.

Towing the camper with Zac’s ute was very easy to achieve as the camper was light yet stable enough for those windy roads. The Hopara teardrop camper comes equipt with a power connected kitchen and a chiller compartment to store your refrigerated ingredients. The kitchen includes all the cooking utensils that you would find at home and a rubbish area to store your waste, and it even comes with essential items like oil, salt, pepper, tea towels, and a teapot to boil hot water for your desired a hot beverage, oh and you won’t need drinking water because the camper has a tank with both cleaning and drinking water.

The teardrop camper is battery powered so your camping destination list won’t require power-connected sites. The battery could last up to two days depending on your power intake, aiding as a perfect solution for those short trips.

Camping in a tent can sometimes get extremely cold especially in the middle of winter which concludes my last reason as to why this teardrop camper succeeded our expectations! It kept us warm and cozy at night, we had the luxury option of sleeping on a double bed which allowed us to comfortably sleep without feeling squashed, and if you know Zac, you’ll know he is huge, but the camper provided the perfect amount of room for us to sleep in and it even had storage cupboards inside for us to store our belongings.

Using the teardrop camper made our stay at Matata even more enjoyable as we sat right on the edge of the water sipping on our hot drinks and watching the sunset. We didn’t need to plug into power, however, we did need to pay a campground fee and by memory, it was about $35 a night to be on the water’s edge. Toilets and shower facilities were made available on-site so we truly had everything we could need.

As you can see, Zac, chucked the drone up and we were able to capture some awesome footage at the Matata campground, where you can see our camping spot and the new friend we made along the way. Her name was Wendy and she joined us for dinner and a drink, and just a side note, she wouldn’t let me give up my chair because she preferred the grass.

This company is a Kiwi-operated business owned by a small group of talented young New Zealanders who use the Hopara camper as a side hustle, a really cool business to support if you are in the Tauranga area.

Erin x

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