Sunbeam’s newest collection of must-haves!

Designed to introduce luxury into any kitchen. Zac and I were lucky enough to product test both the Kettle and The 4 Slice Toaster from the all new New York Collection.

As soon as they arrived we were hooked because both the design and the details of this collection have been inspired by New York, the city where dreams are made.  Also both the Toaster and the Kettle illuminates a soft glow when toasting and boiling

Firstly let’s talk about the toaster!  What we found is that we instantly feel in love with all its amazing new functions!!

  1. Self-centring bread slots!!!! So whether you are toasting thick or thin slices, your bread will always be held in the centre of the slot to ensure even toasting!!  I mean how cool is that?
  2. There a Reheat button!!!! The Reheat button can be selected after the toasting cycle has finished. It reheats the toast for 30 seconds so instead or re cooking it, it just reheats it!
  3. A Defrost button!!!! Whaaat??? This setting ensures bread can be toasted straight from the freezer saving valuable time which Zac and I never have.
  4. A Quick Check feature! This feature lets you check the toast at any time by lifting up the toasting lever without interrupting the toasting cycle.
  5. A High-lift and toasting lever. This raises the toast above the starting position so you can remove the toast from the toaster without burning your fingers. Ideal for crumpets and muffins and Zac’s fat fingers.
  6. And my personal favourite is the browning control variable toast settings!!! It allows you to toast your bread from 1 – 9 so you get the desired colour every time but you can set each side of the toaster too different settings. Perfect for Zac and I because he likes his Vogels bread floppy and I like mine crunchy!!  With the new toaster from the New York Collection we can have one side of the toaster each and totally choose our own toast texture.

Then there is the amazing New York inspired Kettle!!!  It’s like having a party in the kitchen everytime you boil the jug!

Again we were addicted to the features like;

  1. The kettle automatically switches off after boiling.
  2. If the kettle is operated without water, it will automatically cut-out, preventing any damage to the element.
  3. And in the event of overheating, the kettle will automatically shut down to prevent further damage.

But we also love the fact that we are able to fill a total of 6 cups with boiling water!  Meaning we will be able to have 6 people round for cups of tea and not have to keep refilling the jug, everyone will get a hot drink all at the same time!

  • Sunbeam New York Collection – Kettle & Toaster 
  • Kettle $199.99 NZD
  • Toaster $239.99 NZD
  • The Sunbeam New York Collection is inspired by bright lights and the big city, this kettle and toaster is a celebration of all the elegance and brilliance that is New York.


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