The Latest in Linens: How to Create a Cosy Bed

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and sleep is SO important for health and productivity. These are just a few reasons why I believe in spending the most you can afford on your bed and bedding.

Creating a beautiful, comfortable bed and a peaceful, relaxing bedroom is just a matter of making a few good choices.

Choosing the perfect sheets

Start with the best quality sheets you can afford. The most comfortable are 100% cotton sheets, which allow air to flow and keep your body temperature steady throughout the night.

Ultimately, the type and quality of cotton will determine the level of comfort you’ll get from your bed sheets, so choose cotton with a good thread count.

What is thread count? I hear you ask. Well, thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count the more comfortable the cotton, and the more likely it will wear well – or even soften – over time. Good sheets have a thread count ranging anywhere from 200 to 800, although you’ll occasionally see sheets with numbers over 1,000. Pure bliss!

My recommendations for choosing the perfect sheets

For long lasting sheets, go for Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 300 – 400.

Percale is the most common type of sheet in New Zealand, with a thread count of 180. It has a fresh, crisp feel to it however is not as soft as Egyptian cotton.

For soft, silky sheets choose Sateen. This is made with a satin weave that produces a soft, lustrous feel but is much less durable than the aforementioned sheets.

The big decision: duvet or comforter?

A comforter is typically one thick, quilted blanket which is filled with synthetic fibre that’s stitched to keep it in place and evenly distributed. Comforters are great because they are simple to wash and make it super easy to make your bed.

A duvet is filled with down, feathers, wool or a synthetic alternative and then protected with a removable cover. This is great for people who want to change their bedroom design around all the time – it’s as simple as buying new covers. Unfortunately, duvets aren’t always as good for people with allergies as they do collect dust and are hard to wash.

So how do you choose which one is right for you? A duvet is warmer than a comforter as they work as an insulator. However, if you have allergies to wool or feathers a duvet may not be the best option for you. Silk duvets are made from layers of hypoallergenic fibres which are perfect for allergy sufferers, however these are more expensive that regular duvets.

Luxe linens 

There’s no denying that linen bedding looks super chic! You also don’t have to worry about it wrinkling either, because it’s supposed to look wrinkled!

Linens look great in soft, muted tones such as pastel pink and dusky grey.

Beautiful bedding colours 

Dreamy pink (as pictured above) paired with shades of soft, smokey grey, shows off those great linen crinkles really well and make for an inviting looking bed.

Polar opposite to the soft muted hues of dusty pink and smokey grey, is bright aqua blue and coral. These work well if the rest of your interior is pale, white or neutral.

The latest linen designs

If you like order, try colour blocking. This is the technique of layering up two or more block colours, with just a sprinkling of pattern or texture throughout the look.

This is a great example of colour blocking using pink and two different shades of grey, complemented by a patterned cushion and beige faux fur throw.

If you’re slightly less orderly and prefer to just throw your bed together in the morning before you leave for work, stick with white linens and varying textures with lots of cushions and a great throw.

It’s all in the details

Aside from beautiful soft sheets, a cosy comforter or duvet and perfect pillows, there are plenty of ways to adorn your bed to make it that little bit more blissful.

Cushions and throws are a great way to accessorise your bed and create a true bedroom sanctuary. A thick cable knit throw or faux fur look great at the end of just about any bed. Fold it, throw it or pull it up over the bed as an extra blanket.

Cushions are also great bed accessories. If your linen is all white or neutral, a colourful cushion or two will add a pop of brightness to your decor. It’s as easy as throwing a few different sized cushions onto your bed once it’s made. The pink knot cushion is the perfect throw-on-the-bed accessory and looks great with white or grey. Get your pink knot cushion online now.


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