The most bizzare chairs I’ve ever seen

So a modern chair is a piece of furniture that allows us humans to relax. One of the oldest and simple objects mankind has ever designed but the designers I’m about to tell you about today have thrown that basic concept the window.  So please keep an open mind as I go through them, they may not be right for your place but think of them as more of a creative statement.

The Fish Bone Chair

This sculptural wooden design features vertical slats that look something like a cartoon fish skeleton. Designed by Nicolas Marzouanlian, it’s indoor or outdoor and he hasn’t used any glue or screws.

The Open Suitcase Chair!

Which is simply that! An old suitcase like the one Maria carried in the Sound of Music, opened up and instead of carrying clothes is has been filled with 2 amazing fat seat cushions either side and placed open sitting on 4 bed legs

The Light Up Chair
Light Up is a chair with a lamp above it that was inspired by deep sea creatures that catch their food with lights on their heads. Ontwerpers is the name of the designer and hes from the Netherlands

Sheet Seats
This is space saving but at another level!

Designed by Ufuk Keskin and Efecem Kutuk “Sheet Seats” are made of just one slat of plywood, a handle is cut at the top to carry it, the chair itself is like a stencil cut into the slat and then you push it out to sit on it!  This idea has such huge potential in modern design thinking.

The Panda Chair

I’d say 50 small soft panda toys here are all glued together in the shape of a chair, you simply sit on the pandas

The Bouquet Chair
The “Bouquet Chair” from designer Tokujin Yoshioka uses thousands of paper tissues to produce a cloud-like chair or chair that looks like a bouquet of flowers.

The Cloud Chair
Another chair inspired by clouds

The “Cloud” by Richard Hutton is constructed from nickel plated cast-aluminum in the shapes of small balls resembling features found in clouds. Potentially a great alternative to traditional fabric or leather upholstery?

The Cutlery Chair

NO wooded frame involved here they have simply used knives, forks and spoons to make an entire chair including the legs.  NO cushion either so not sure if I would dare even sit on it

Which one is your favourite?


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