Time Saving Hack

For years I have worked solid 10 – 12 hour days, rushing to be in Make Up chairs by 6am, filming long days, then off to events and home to write scripts for the next shoot.  And as much as you think that could be overwhelming weirdly enough it had structure and evening cleaning the house had its time and place!   These days there is no structure! Nothing! Nothing at all! I could be off at boxing at 6am with Monty one morning or off to a breakfast to talk about a new Wellness Centre the next.  I need to organise an event for 20 – 200 people or send a crate of art work to an Art Exhibition in Christchurch.  My Nephew needs babysitting or a client needs a video, Zac needs feeding and I need a before and after photo, either way this year is chaotic oh and did I forget to mention Zac and I getting married, we have wedding stuff EVERYWHERE!!!! Plus we live in Hobsonville Point, which is situated 30 minutes from Auckland City so living in my car has become a permanent thing.


Now all of this is why I am so lucky to have been able to receive the Wertheim Evolution Stick Vacuum from Godfreys.


Zac and I moved into our new build apartment last August and I can promise you it’s amazing, we really love it except, the carpet is of Dark Navy which means with all this running around, bags, and boxes, art work and gym clothing, coming in and out it doesn’t take long at all for the carpet to get disgusting.


For someone who has to vacuum once a twice a day this cordless miracle is a must!



And aside from it being cordless my favourite feature are all the different accessories that come with it!  Obviously there is the POWERHEAD accessory that is ideal for cleaning on carpets and hard floors but there’s also the UPHOLSTERY BRUSH and the 3-IN-1 CLEANING TOOL which I have found simply great for removing the ROD and just rushing down to the car with the HANDSTICK to clean the car! And it even has an ANGLE ATTACHMENT which means you can get in and under the car seats without breaking your elbows!



It has a 23 minute battery life which means you can easily vacuum your house and office and amazing BOOST MODE which increase the suction performance when activated.  I would highly recommend this product for any busy New Zealander trying to squeeze everything in but also wanting to keep up a clean home environment for family and friends.   It’s a huge time saver.



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