Tips on ‘how to be cool’ at the Airport

Zac and I have just spent 10 days traveling South East Asia and I gotta say it was so good to have time with him however, it  meant having to spend a lot of time in airports and this brought back so many memories of how stressed out and annoying people can be while travelling!  You need to keep your cool in airports people otherwise it’s just a nightmare for everyone!  These are some of the things (in my opinion) that I try and do to keep my own self calm and cool in an airport..

For example the easiest, easiest way to look cool in an airport is to carry a newspaper!  Chuck it under your arm, read it in a public spot or take it through security.  These  3 very easy things to do which will automatically sky rocket you into the “I’m cool coz I travel all the time” category!

Another way to pull off the ‘well travelled’ look is to dress down!  We all know how exciting it is to travel on a plane and we do like to look our best but as I’m finding out, after you have travelled many times the excitement wears off and you start to lose motivation to dress up – it gets to that point where you look around and laugh at the ones who are dressed so…. to automatically fit into the “I’m cool and travel a lot” group dress down next time.

Here’s another tip for when wanting to add cool factor to your airport adventures and it’s for when you’re at the baggage claim.  This really does come down to having to find that balance of looking like you have places to go and not looking desperate!   So don’t stand peering down the flaps where bags come through, instead stand back a little, just be loosely in the area.  If you are meeting friends or family, talk to them more than focusing on the bags – it puts out the idea that you care more about them than you do your belongings.  Oh and always remember your ‘coolness’ ratings will automatically double the minute you help the elderly!!! That is as long as you don’t knock anyone over in a lunge of panic to get their bags.

Oh hey and one more thing which I just love doing – that is “100% faking it till you make it” You know how all those well dressed taxi driver ‘chauffeurs’ stand at the door waiting for the VIP’s as they get off the plane?  Well to make out as if you are one of those VIP’s, walk straight up to one (in full view of everyone) and shake their hand, so that everyone thinks they are there to pick you up!  Keep talking to them until everyone on your flight has passed, then simply ask the chauffer for directions to the toilet and continue on your way!!!


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