Trending Interior Design for August 2021

Revamping your home is exciting but it can also become extremely daunting. Choices can become indecisive by the constantly changing interior trends and it can quickly becomes very overwhelming, however, rest assured I have done some research and gathered some advice by those who have not only settled with on the latest interior designs but that have also been consistent throughout the years of history to help us.

Currently the most favourable interior design choice for New Zealanders, (according to a recently conducted survey on the “latest interior trends” and a facebook poll we put on the “interior design” facebook page) is Minimalist Bohemian!

Personally a great choice of design as of course it offers the best of two worlds.

Minimaist Bohemian is a combination of modern elements and boho-chic accents. We learnt it’s a style that aids as the perfect choice for those who prefer a neutral or more refined palette in their home decor that expresses colour, texture, personality, and individuality. 

If you are after inspiration on how you can combine these two styles seamlessly, we have gathered some ideas to help you turn your space into a genre-bending wonderland.

In regards to the colours, bohemian style centres around two themes, either a vibrant colour pallet or nutral colour pallet. You then adding textured accents like cusions, throws, worn wood, baskets and rugs. Whilst minimalism embraces the well known ‘less is more’ philosophy, so basically adding nothing more to your space other than a few plants, candles, books or trinkets. The result is a merge of the two styles paired with neutral walls and complete with warm lighting.

Have you noticed that dried flowers have since taken over homes across our nation providing endless beauty to our homes and last up to 3 years in a low humid space. A win, win in my books and adding dried flowers to your home decor creates a simple yet effective look to your surroundings, which in turn creates a welcoming atmosphere. Please don’t let your perfectionism constrain you, simply put your plants where they please you and for an extra touch you can add a dash of wall art that makes your soul sing.

Minimalism is known for balance and simplicity, and our research has shown that if you free your space from clutter and swap out exaggerating elements for a few soft textiles and textural details you can achieve that sleek boho flair. A favourite material we learnt that people like to use is linen infused cushions and blankets, it creates the perfect middle ground between minimal and bohemian.

And another point that was made is not only is this design visually satisfying to the eye but it’s also extremely good for your mental health by cultivating a happier environment for yourself and those around you. I personally would like to think we shoundn’t be discouraged by finances holding us back, we can start by decluttering and a good op shop is a great place to find alot of wonderful textured items.

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Clearly this look is not for everyone and depending on your age and stage it may not work for some people but if you or someone you know has created a minimalism bohemian-inspired home, we would love to hear their stories and see some photos so don’t hesitate to contact us on the following and I look forward to hearing from you!


Erin Simpson


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