Unique Table Ideas for Your Home

If you’re anything like me, the dinner table is the central focus of your home. A place for friends and family to gather for good food, wine, and conversation, a decent dining room table is a non-negotiable piece of furniture, in my eyes!
If you don’t have room for a dining table or you prefer to entertain in your lounge, then a great coffee table is a must have.
These days, tables are far from plain and boring – anything goes! I’ve rounded up the very best tables to give you some inspiration for your dining room or lounge:

Geometric Coffee Tables

These are simple and sculptural! They have a geometric iron base with either a brass or metallic finish, paired with a glass or marble top.

These popular coffee tables have been given the nickname ‘Origami Tables’ because of how beautiful the jiggered base looks.

Kitchen Table or Breakfast Nook

You still can’t beat a Tulip Table!  Everyone has had one or sat at one in their day because they are easy to come by, extremely versatile and can also be paired with almost any type of chair!

Forget the simply wooden look – paint it and make it super-retro. Keep the base super-sleek – almost Jetsons-like in appearance – and simply change the table top surface with paint, tiles (adhesive) or a laminate Perspex top.  I personally love the bright orange or yellow.

This sort of table is perfect for the kitchen or in a sunny breakfast nook.

Wool Press Bar Leaners

Guys – you will be happy about this! Gone are the days where the bar was placed in the corner of a room and the host had to stand behind it to pour drinks. Nope, these days it’s every man for himself, with a healthy postural bar leaner!

These are rustic and solidly-built making them super reliable and great for events such as a wedding or party. The wool press leaner is stained with a dark varnish – add matching stools or use a lighter stain on them. You could even paint the bar stools white as an interesting contrast.

Pallet Tables

Using pallets is still very on trend. You can make all sorts of furniture out of old pallets – tables, bar stools, seats, or bar leaners. Pallet furniture looks great either on the deck or in the lounge as a low coffee table.

A great example would be to simply stand a pallet on its end, paint it white and secure some concrete pavers on top to create a bench.

Rustic Door Table

This is something that is very cool – and very personal as we just made one for our place last weekend. It’s a bar leaner that is made out of a rustic old door!

Ours is a door made in the workshop of St Peters School in Auckland. The school was throwing it out and it’s simply a door that has been sanded down and covered with Perspex.

I’ve been trying to decide if we need to paint it or simply keep it authentic. If I was to paint it, I would do a light teal blue like the colour of the water on the coast of Mexico. Teal is trending in outdoor furniture at the moment and adds a bright pop of colour to any outdoor or neutral coloured area.

So there you have it, a round up of great tables – from the rustic to the retro! A dining room table no longer needs to be formal and boring – make yours a unique and fun place to spend time with friends and loved ones.


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