Want an idea on how to utilise the extra daylight savings hours?

Outdoor Tiling!!

Summer is approaching, the temperatures are turning up, this is prime renovation period!!

In-fact I bet someone is already coming to mind who is currently spending those extra hours of sunlight fixing up the backyard already??

There is no better time like the present than to give your outdoor area the freshen up it needs and if you do it now with Summer colours in mind, technically it will have that summer effect all year round!

Now I’ve chosen to talk about doing a reno using tiles because there are simply so many benefits to using them i.e they are weatherproof, long lasting and above all stylish and I walked into Tile Depot the other day and they have some great new colours for this coming sunny season.

This summer it’s all about engaging or celebrating ash and neutral tones,

BUT mostly incorporating your outdoor area with your indoor area.

I have found some pictures to explain what I mean…

Looking at these it’s clear we can’t forget that the modern way of thinking is now minimalistic

An the colours to consider are the light linen tones, so like the throws and blankets you currently already have in your home, you need to look for those colours in tiles

Pearl greys are also the perfect colour for making you feel comfortable and relaxed which is always the vision in the first place right?  By Pearl Grey I mean, sandstone and concrete type colours

When it comes to complementing the tiles with furniture think bold textures i.e those woven deck chairs or thick wooden furniture combined with soft browns by that I simply mean adding few brown cushions everywhere

Now to spruce up your interiors so everything flows you need to be thinking of the Bygone Era

The Bygone Era is back in trend and by Bygone I mean years and years ago haha (literally look it up that’s what it means) pictures again to help, these are from the Bygone Era..

So what places like Tile Depot have bought out for this summer are Bygone tiles like these…

I suggest making a mat like area out of tiles in your interiors to compliment your outside area and sticking to the same flooring colour you have chosen outside for the rest

And on a side note for all you fans of taking great pictures for your instagram accounts don’t forget that tiles, also make the perfect back drop for flat-lays and product shots, buying one or two from the hardware store simply to make photos look nicer is a must

Plus what I have personally been doing lately as tiles are so cheap – buying them to use as platters or cake/muffin plates for when visiting friends or dropping round food parcels, then you can simply leave the tile with them and not have to worry.


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