What celebs wear to meet The Queen, what would you wear?

I have applied twice to meet the Queen at one of her Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace but they are currently on hold due to Covid. That’s ok as we can still dream about what we would wear when and if we are ever invited. I’m taking inspo from some of my fav celebs and the I think the last one is my favourite.

David Beckham rarely gets anything wrong does he? This suit it devine paired with a black and white polka dot tie! When it comes to protocol when meeting the Queen it doesn’t matter how famous you are, you are still only allowed to shake her hand.

Michelle Obama breached royal protocol by hugging Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in 2009.  Soon after she quoted “I since learned to hold my hands together so that she wouldn’t make the same “human” mistake again.”

Angelina Jolie wore a pale collared suit which I think was stunning. This was in 2014 and she nailed the protocol, you are not aloud to reach out or have physical contact until The Queen has initiated it herself or any memeber of The Royal Family for that matter.

Lady Gaga meet the Queen in 2009 which was the peak of her crazy outfits. I wonder how many others can say they have worn red latex in front of the Queen.

This was the same year Prince Harry was linked to seeing Ellie Goulding, maybe it was a date arranged by Grandma? I’m more impressed by what our very own Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is wearing in the background if I’m honest.

Anna Wintour, the Queen of fashion has meet the Queen of England a few times but even Anna doesnt get it right every time, in 2018 she came under fire for breaking protocol for wearing her trade mark sunglasses when talking with the Queen. The correct etiquette is to talk eye to eye.

One Direction Boys looking sharp! They didn’t dress up for me like this when I meet them haha

And these last three Celebs are my fav!

Ewan McGregor wore traditional Scottish attire with high knee socks and everything!

Kate Winslet looks like an angel in her featherd fascinator and black peplum suit jacket. I would like to think I would wear something like this or what Keria Knightley wore in 2018…

Belt, shoes, jaunty hat and hello? A chic yellow Chanel skirt suit!! Everything about this outfit is amazing and in ‘my dreams’ of one day meeting The Queen, I would also look like this.

I would love to know what you would wear, feel free to send me your ideas.

Erin x


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