What I discovered whilst in Mexico…

Indoor Swings!!!!

You may think it sounds a little childish or a little dangerous to have a swing inside, but it can actually be very stylish and even romantic ‘plus’ add extra seating and character

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and a little extra floor space, have a listen to these…..

Coming in at the most expensive and most luxurious swing is the Svvving which comes in fine leather and a variety of colors ($1000)

Now for these next few I don’t actually now the prices or how to hang them but I know they are cool

Playground Swings

These swings know how to make a living room feel like a playroom.  Naturally you have to think about safety mats but if you like the look of them you can import them from IKEA

The Rustic Swing:

Who would’ve thought to put a swing in the kitchen? This is a great way to keep the kids hanging out in the kitchen while you cook dinner instead of in front of the TV

The playground tire swing

This adds a playful surprise to any contemporary room and shows that you don’t need a lot of space to have a swing

The couch swing

You can suspended a whole couch from the ceiling. It may not get alot of air time, but it looks extremely cool

The Beaded Swing:

To me this option looks like an oversized beaded necklace, but it’s a conversation piece as well as functional. You can import from the Designer Pad website

And last but not least the simple backyard swing

This shows that an indoor swing can be as simple as the one hanging under a tree

Hopefully I have inspired you also and shown you that the indoor swing is surprisingly versatile and very sleek

Not to mention full on fun and romantic!


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