What’s trending in Christmas Decorations for 2017

Firstly, why bother with Christmas Decorations???

Because they invite people in! This is the time of the year where you simply want people you cherish to pop in so to draw them in you need to make your home more homely and welcoming.

Second question, how do you possible choose what decorations suit your taste and makes your home catchy?  Answer = Your Christmas tree!!

Now when it comes to Christmas trees there are two options, a traditional tree or a new tree!!!

Traditional trees are the beautifully decorated pine trees (real or fake) with traditional decoration and either a bow or angel at the top, for example …..

And then there are ‘New Trees’

Our mum is the Queen of “New Christmas Trees” and every year for as long as we can remember she creates the most amazing trees from her imagination.  We live on a farm and we do have pine trees but two of us suffer from very bad asthma and allergies so she ditched the whole idea of a tree and creates something we can all be around.

For example, Mum’s tree last year….

And there are many more, you can simply let your imagination go crazy.

If you need inspiration for tree decorations New Zealanders are taking a liking to using fresh flowers, glass ornaments, metal ornaments or wooden cut outs much like the ones I sell

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Other cool things you can use to decorate your tree, umbrellas and tiny christmas toys.  Remember you can also change the traditional color of the tree from green to fascinating colors like black, white, gold and pink. Just keep in mind the colors should match the colors that you already have at your home such as your furniture, walls, curtains and carpets.

Next, move onto decorating other spaces in your home such as windows, walls, mantel pieces, tables, and staircases.  Here are some of the current trending ideas….

Placing fairy lights or giant feathers in an upside down bowl or long vase…

Placing Christmas tree decorations in cake or cupcake stands……

Slices of a wooden tree cut up and used as your place-mates

And something for fun, dressing up a wine bottle in a Santa costume

So there we have it, this years current Christmas trends but remember it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as they don’t require spending a long time or money in order to finish them, then you can’t go wrong.

Erin x


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