Your in home tips to kick start 2020

Dare I say it, but I think wall Art matters most in interior design.

Every room needs one focal point (the first rule of interior design) and wall art fits that position so easily.

It’s that wonderful element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete, that little extra touch that can make your house look like it should be in the pages of an interior design magazine.

The worst thing New Zealanders do is leave Art till last!!!  Everyone naturally just thinks they will sort the art work and hang it later once the furniture is in place but most interior designers will tell you to please, please choose the art FIRST!!

If you don’t have the luxury around starting with a fresh template there are some great ways to still make your wall art matter the most with your existing space


When choosing a piece of wall Art the most important consideration is size. An artwork that is too small will get dwarfed by the surrounding furniture and a piece that is too big will look as though it is spilling over. Make sure to take measurements of the wall space available, so you know how much room you have at your disposal.


Remember that not all wall art is created equal. While most pieces are two-dimensional try to find art in a variety of different mediums to help bring a varying sense of texture into the space.  Consider pieces like sculptures or shadow boxes that can add some depth to the room. If your style is more Avant Garde, you could also consider media installations or digital art.


Once you have found, bought and fallen in love with a piece of art your first step is to pick out two or three shades from it that would like to incorporate into your decor. Choose the dominant color, as well as a few additional shades Then, look for those colors in the items you use to decorate your space for example cushions, seats, rugs, accessories

A few other points to keep in mind….

Hang it right.

It should be approximately eye level and the center of the painting should be about 60 inches from the floor.

Light it Up. 

The importance of lighting your artwork can not be overemphasized.  Dimly lit artwork will lose impact and look dull and muted.  Great lighting will make your artwork pop and contribute to the mood of the room.

My other key tips for in the home…..

1. Interior design is not scary!!!  All you have to do is place different things together! For example layer lines, colours, textures and fabrics, mix them all together and you got an interior designer label to add to your CV, the hardest thing is motivating yourself to get involved!

 2. Know your environment before you start so that you get the right product for the right project.  What do you use the space for and what would do you want to see happen? Once you know that you can pick the best Vinyl for amount of mess, the right carpet for the warmth you need and the right blinds for the amount of sun and privacy you want.

 3. Plan a colour theme and stick to it.  It’s so easy to add accents of colour and turn your room into something awesome simply by adding cushions, blinds and accessories but use the golden rule of 3 naturals and one (or two) pop colours.  I stick to White, Grey and Navy and our current pop colour Green with a splash of Pink!

P.S You’ll never get tired of a white living room, it makes the room feel open, airy and bright and provides the perfect back-drop for any accent colours you choose.  Current pops of colour that are on trend for 2020 are Purple, Melon and Mint.

4. Hang curtains higher than the windows to make the room appear bigger.

5. Invest in a large mirror that can sit on the floor. It opens up any room and makes it look twice the size.

6. Indoor plants are a great way to warm the home but this will mean one of your pop colours needs to be green! (we invested in beautiful fake plants as we are away alot and they also don’t create bugs).

7. From time to time we get given a lot of home wares as gifts which often don’t suit what we are trying to do. Don’t let this stop you instead just save them away and pull them out only when that loved one comes to visit.

8. NOTE: Cups, plates, teabags, coffee capsules, salt and pepper, seasonings, dishwashing liquids, cleaning cloths, and cook books ALL belong in the cupboards that were made for them!


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