Erin Zac

Newlyweds Zac Franich and Erin Simpson are a media match made in heaven.

The dynamic duo are both well-known TV personalities, whose paths crossed after Zac slingshotted to fame as New Zealand’s “most eligible” on The Bachelor.

Finding their happily-ever-after together, the pair have seamlessly intertwined their lives and careers – creating a powerful brand and extensive platform between them.

A household name, bubbly Erin is a leading television personality, host, speaker, designer, entrepreneur and social media influencer.

Zac is a host, speaker and influencer passionate about men’s health and mental wellbeing. As a positive people person, he is unafraid to shy away from the tough topics, giving voice to the important issues.

Their vibrant, fun-loving energy is infectious and comes across in everything they create.

Passionate about building long-term relationships with like-minded brands, these seasoned professionals consistently go above and beyond for the clients they work with.

Offering the full package, the multi-talented pair have a slew of abilities between them. From MCing, presenting and hosting, to event appearances, voiceovers, social media campaigns and pictorials; they’re polished, entertaining and relatable.

With a combined audience well in excess of 50,000 followers, the talented and reliable pair have extensive experience working across premium collaborations with high-end brands.

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