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Erin is New Zealand’s leading influencer when it comes to lifestyle and entertainment due to successfully covering all leading events and trends throughout Auckland.


  • A Transparent Media Personality that encapsulates all platforms of the medium, is aspirational, and she herself is someone you want to meet.
  • Erin Simpson is a television personality specializing in youth entertainment then moving to prime time Sports and Infotainment and now has a NZ target demographic of 1,000,000+ people who resonate with her including an instant rapport with Millennial reach.
  • Is a Personality that embraces the warmth, humour and wit which has grown out of her time on the Erin Simpson Show.
  • She encompasses a wide spectrum of wisdom on Popular Culture, Arts, Design and Events through to Woman’s issues, Politics, and Sport.
  • Her most powerful commercial brand is a Talk Show Expert and Businesswoman.
  • Opportunities that come from having her already well-known brand and event contacts.
  • Simple Yet Effective.

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