About Me


I am Erin Simpson. Quintessential Kiwi girl, television presenter and artist.

My love for creating and designing comes from my vast experience as a TV personality and my extensive travels around my beautiful home country, New Zealand.

I discovered a love for drawing when I was very young, and art was a top subject throughout my school years. Today, drawing is what I do to calm my overactive mind and channel my thoughts into a creative outlet.

Having grown up in the Waikato, many of the Maori motif designs you see throughout my collections, were inspired by the region and its rich history in Maori culture. A great deal of work goes into perfecting those designs in particular, as this heritage is something very close to my heart.

I am constantly inspired. I believe that if you’re always looking, ideas and inspiration will pop up and you have to put them to use!

For all enquiries please email